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New... Lace Stitch and Striped Sweater

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Welcome to Free-Knitting-Pattern.com. We are putting up more patterns all the time. We have free pattern videos, written instructions, vintage knitting patterns, and reviews of numerous free knitting patterns available across the web. That is why there are so many navigation menus on the side and top of the window!

Browse our site to find some of our offerings of free knitting patterns, knitting pattern stitches, and links to great knitting sites. 

New Knitting Pattern

A new knitting pattern has been posted to SpinCraft Patterns. Not 'technically free' but this pattern will teach you how to make unlimited, creative, hats with just your imagination. Buy it one time and then you get thousands of hat patterns, free, forever.


Freeform Hats!

The name says it all. Learn how to pick up some needles and yarn and knit a hat on the fly. This pattern opens your horizon to creating any hat you can imagine. This pattern is great for scrap yarn, and for those wonderful exotics you can't help buy!

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Here is the Free Sure To Fit Knitting Pattern from SpinCraft Patterns which can be used to knit hundreds of sweater varieties.

Free-Knitting-Pattern.com is brought to you buy Connie Delaney of SpinCraft Knitting Patterns. SpinCraft Knitting Patterns specializes in Seamless Sweater Patterns, and is the designer of the easy Free Raglan Sweater Pattern, above. The variations are endless.

Knitting is such a great addition to anyone's life, so we have created this site to highlight the many talented people knitting and sharing on the web. We feature many videos and knitting patterns.

With our own pattern creations we like to knit-so-it-fits. This is a special technique to create knitting patterns that teach the knitter, whether beginner or expert, to create their own shapes and experiment. This is done by sharing the secrets of the designer's math process. If the knitter can learn WHY a knitted garment has a particular shaping, then they gain the knowledge to change that pattern to suit their needs. But there is a risk involved - a more creative pattern means you might make a mistake and have to re-do a part of your work. 

Knitting Should Be Fun! 

Knitting is a fluid and pliable process! This is a world where every so-called "failure" is just a step along the way--because we can always rip!  

The number one secret to the creative knitter is to learn to rip out with joy. Think of this as the Zen of knitting. One who can have calm abiding while ripping out their knitting is on the path to serenity in all aspects of life! Hey, the truth of the matter is . . . when the piece you are knitting is not coming out right - better rip out now rather than later. So Here's to a joyful knitting experience even if it disappears back into a ball of yarn.

Why Do We Knit? 

Free Knitting Pattern SweaterKnitting can be colorful and full of texture. As you browse through the many videos and patterns on this site, I hope you are inspired by the amazing variety available to the fiber artist. 

We also think it is important that knitting pattern produces a piece of clothing that is loved and worn. In our minds, we think a great knitting pattern must be versatile so that it will suit a large number of people. And we require even more than that: we want each pattern to teach the knitter how to add their own variations and learn to design works of which they can be truly proud!  

As knitters we all know the sense of pride that comes from displaying our work. And we know that there is nothing more wonderful than having a pattern we've spent hours knitting admired and loved by others. We know that there is also a tremendous thrill when someone asks us, "Where did you get that?" And we are able to reply, "I designed this myself." That is true accomplishment that can be achieved by understanding the basics of knitting, how and why it works.